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You’re thinking on what would be the perfect gift to your loved one? Think no more, contact us at and MARIMO will help you.


Every woman loves to shine like a star and not only once in a lifetime, but also in her everyday life. As MARIMO offers unique and personal handmade clothes made by the best Estonian tailors and from the best international materials, these items are just perfect to every classy woman.

Gift her:
- A MARIMO piece she dreams of
- A MARIMO gift card packed into a beautiful box (you can choose the gift card value)
- A MARIMO piece you like and a gift card she could use to find her favourite item from our collection

If you’re not sure which piece would be perfect for her, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from our professionals. If your lady is our customer, there is a big chance that we know which item she dreams of. Even if she is not, we still might.

If there's anything you want to ask then feel free to contact us at